About The Old Well Tavern

IMG_0846.59191831_largeThe Old Well Tavern is a multifunctional facility capable of hosting a wide range of different events. The facility’s capacity maxes out at 280 people and can host two private parties at once. During the week, the bar side operates as a sports bar, hosting two evenings of pool league. The Banquet Room can accommodate up to 60 people, operating as a casual private facility with separate restrooms and access to the bar.

In addition to being a Sports Bar and Banquet Room, the building is also well known for its concert venues. The original Diamondback once called the stage here home (during Gemini’s) . We usually have one band a week and occasionally host two on weekends. Check out our Band Page for more info.

Some events we have hosted are:
Comedy Night
FRWA Indoor Country Fair
Various Bands
Corporate Holiday Parties

A brief history of our building

According to town records, Elihu Holcomb originally constructed our building for the Shubael Hoskins Jr. family in 1730.  The main structure filled the main bar area and half of the kitchen.  It boasted not only a second floor, but also a wrap around porch that has since been integrated into the bar area.

After 1807, it was used for a short time as a “shop and barn”, and eventually sold as a tavern in 1866.  From that point it continued operating as a stagecoach stop and roadhouse known as Old Knights Inn.

During the 1880’s the Higley family operated it as a tavern and brothel.  In about 1885 a relative visited the Higley’s from Utah named Seth Higley.  During the Blizzard of 1888 Seth passed away; and as was custom he was buried in the basement until the spring thaw.  The only problem was poor old Seth had no assets, and in the spring there was no money to pay for a proper burial.  Hence Seth is still where he was placed in the winter of 1888.

At the turn of the century, the building continued as a tavern and brothel until Prohibition in 1916, and the name was forced to change to King Phillip Diner.  In 1935 Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Daden bought the building and named it The Old Well.  They doubled the size of the structure, the existing bar top is the 1935 original, and is in the same location as the bar top since 1860.

After the flood of 1955, Hopmeadow Street was moved to its present location; originally it went right by our front door.  In 1973 the property was sold and eventually became known as The Inn Place, a bar and music venue.  In 1982 Joe Pazzato bought the property, opened Gemini’s Café and added the final expansion in 1985 to encompass what was once the bar area.

In the fall of 2003, Steven and Lisa Antonio began negotiations to buy the structure to be known as The Lobster Barn.  In December of 2005, Reno and Kristen Benson began their lease of this building which was then known as Reno’s Gathering Place.

And now, starting in September of 2008, history continues as the Tavern  is now known as


FrankandErikaSince 2008, The Old Well Tavern has been operated by Frank Cardoso, a local of Simsbury for 40 years. Our bar manager, Erika Lange (the Chef and daughter of Maria of Maria’s Italian Restaurant), was raised in Canton CT. We are local people serving the local community!


And Yes, The well is real!!




TUES-THURS3 pm – 1 am

FRIDAY3 pm – 2 am

SATURDAY 11:30 am – 2 am

SUNDAY11:30 am – 1am